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Featured sailings have great pricing and can take you to places you may have been considering. These may be bucket list items. Now is the time to cross off those bucket list items. Time waits for no one.  Get more information by contacting Team Dawson Travel for details.

Pricing is not included here as there are many factors that will determine the price for your stateroom. Let's talk to discover what you want for your cruise adventure. This ensures you get the correct information for your situation.

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When you book into a group, even if you do not know the others in your group, you may get better rates or additional perks than you would booking outside of a group. When you book into your own group with friends/family and others you know, you may also get additional perks or better rates AND you can  set up meeting space, cocktail parties, group shore excursions, and other things to make your cruise adventure reflect exactly what you want it to reflect. Let your imagination go wild, contact us for assistance, and start dreaming of that future time spent at sea. 

Cruising from the United States is on a slow restart. Sailings are open for booking and demand is high. If you are hoping to cruise in 2021 or 2022, making your reservation early is highly recommended as stateroom supplies are limited already. Team Dawson Travel is here to help. Where do you want to go?