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Group Cruise Option

April 26, 2021
Join in with friends and travel from Tampa,FL to Cozumel and Key West. A short 5 night cruise which ends on May 1, 2021. This is a fun itinerary for fun people. Interested? Contact us for a quote.

San Juan Puerto Rico 2018

Cruises for Americans and cruises out of the United States may be on pause right now but they will be back. Book your future cruise today and start planning. It will be a great mood booster and improve your outlook. Contact Team Dawson Travel and we will help you choose the right cruise for you.

Some cruising in Europe is underway. MSC has had some sailings recently and the results were positive. Some changes to our old way of cruising has occurred with masks and social distancing expected. Shore excursions were also limited to those purchased through the cruise line. This is to create as much of a bubble for the passengers as possible and to limit interactions and the potential to pick up the illness. I feel these changes will evolve over time but am encouraged to see that things are working. This will hopefully allow us to get back to sea soon!

Royal Caribbean Group and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings formed a Healthy Sail panel in June. This panel is comprised of experts in many health related areas and was formed to determine the right way to proceed forward in order to gain approval from the CDC to resume sailing. The announcement has been made that the recommendations have been submitted to the CDC for review. With luck, the CDC will approve the recommendations and then cruising from the United States can resume. Stay tuned!

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