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We are your personal travel advisors, not just an impersonal website call center. Our travel experiences combined with vendor training allows us to understand what you should expect on various cruise lines or in a particular destination. Travel is not a “one size fits all” situation. You owe it to yourself to have a professional by your side as you make decisions about where and when to travel. 

When you find options on your own, or with a website call center, you are often seeing the lowest priced options which may not be the best choice for you. You are, also, only looking at vendors that you already know about but there may be vendors out there that you have never heard of that can provide you with an experience you have never imagined. 

Your time and money are both valuable. You owe it to yourself to make sure you are not going just for the hype but, instead, are choosing options that will allow you to be satisfied and exhilarated by the new experiences you are having. Grow with travel and discover more about yourself and others. 

Why Team Dawson Travel 2024

featured travel

Featured travel options can show you places you may have been considering but never made time to plan. They may also give you ideas for somewhere you never realized might be of interest. Time waits for no one so don’t miss out. When you are ready to travel, the planning will begin with a complimentary consultation. During this consultation, we will get to know one another and discuss the aspects of your trip that are important to you and your traveling companions. This is an important step for making sure your itinerary is designed especially for you.

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Virgin Voyages- ADULTS ONLY
Avalon Waterways
Holland America
This is Norway. Click to see more about travel to the Nordic Countries.
MSC- More information coming soon
Excusions, Activities, and More
How about a vacation by rail?
Guided Vacations with many options

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