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We are here to be your cruise resource and want to partner with you on your next cruise adventure. Getting out on the water is always a good time and there are a lot of options from which to choose. Are you looking for a typical ocean cruise where the ship is as much a part of the experience as the destinations where they visit? Maybe a European river cruise is more your style? How about an expedition cruise where the destinations and cruise style can bring out the adventurer in you and expose you to activities many never get to experience? 

Our complimentary consultation will help to narrow down your choices and get you on the right itinerary resulting in an exciting and fulfilling vacation!

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exciting cruise options for you!

MSC Cruises
Carnival Cruise Lines
Princess Cruises
Avalon Waterways
Holland America
American Cruise Lines
Atlas Ocean Voyages

The above are just options. There are many other cruise vacations available. 

Picture yourself floating down a river or sailing in the ocean. The feeling of being in the water is special and makes you feel alive. 

On river cruises, you can visit many cities during your trip while still traveling in comfort. River cruises allow you to view the land as it goes by and to see sights that you cannot see otherwise. The view from the water is often quite different than the perspective you get on land. Imagine floating down the Danube, for instance and seeing all you can. River cruises are available in many areas such as Europe, Africa, and South America. 

Expedition cruises, like Atlas Ocean Voyages, take you to the polar regions for polar expeditions, to the Mediterranean for Epicurean Expeditions (culinary), or to other places for you to fully immerse yourself into the culture of the area you are visiting.

Ocean cruises bring you larger ships where often the ship is the focus. Many of the ships sailing the ocean offer waterparks and other active options to keep you very busy while sailing from port to port. There are many sizes of ocean ships and hiring a travel advisor, such as Team Dawson Travel, can help you find the right one for you. Great ports await you. Now is the time to get started!

New to Cruising?

You have nothing to worry about, well, except for wanting to go again and again!

 Planning your unforgettable cruise adventure starts with communication. We will discuss what you are looking for and what you are expecting. You will be able to learn more about cruising and all about the process you will go to from finding a cruise all the way through until you have returned after having the time of your life!

Before calling or emailing, give the following questions some thought. It is okay if you do not know the answers. We can help you make those decisions.

Do I have a preference about when I cruise?

How long do I want my cruise to last?

Am I traveling alone or with a group?

Do I know exactly which cruise I want to take or do I need assistance choosing?

Do I have a general idea about where I want to go?

Do I have a preferred cruise line?

Experienced Cruiser?

As an experienced cruiser, you understand the value of a travel adviser. You also know how important it is to continue seeing the world!

Where do you want to go next? 

Let’s find the next bucket list item for you!

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