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Who are you bringing with you?

Solo Cruises

Cruising alone? No problem. 

There are plenty of opportunities to meet others on board.  

In addition, there are many places you can go on the ship if you would rather the peace and quiet of doing your own thing. 

Group Cruises

Oh the fun you can have when you are part of a group. Cruises are great for weddings, family or class reunions, social or business groups or simply a group of friends.  You have a group? Discover the joys of group activities at sea.

Families or groups in Costa Maya TDT
Friends Cruises

Do you want to travel with a friend or a bunch of friends? Cruises are a great way to see the world while having plenty of activities available onboard to suit your individual tastes. You can choose to do everything together or spend some time separately to have your own kind of fun. Meet back up for a meal and share what adventures were had!

Couples/Family Cruises

Did you say romantic getaway for two? What about family fun? Both of these can be had onboard today’s ships. Romantic specialty restaurants, dance clubs, deck parties, water parks, pools, and family games are among the extensive activities you will find.

New to Cruising?

You have nothing to worry about, well, except for wanting to go again and again!

 We will discuss what you are looking for and what you are expecting. You will be able to learn more about cruising and all about the process you will go to from finding a cruise all the way through until you have returned after having the time of your life!

Before calling or emailing, give the following questions some thought. It is okay if you do not know the answers. I can help you make those decisions.

Do I have a preference about when I cruise?

How long do I want my cruise to last?

Am I traveling alone or with a group?

Do I know exactly which cruise I want to take or do I need assistance choosing?

Do I have a general idea about where I want to go?

Do I have a preferred cruise line?

Experienced Cruiser?

As an experienced cruiser, you understand the value of a travel adviser. You also know how important it is to continue seeing the world!

Where do you want to go next? 

Let’s find the next bucket list item for you!

Along with booking your unforgettable cruise adventure, we will also assist with pre/post cruise hotels, travel insurance, mobility scooters, and more. If you need something, please ask and we will let you know if we can help. We want you to have a great vacation with minimal effort made on your part with the booking process. Limitations do apply. These will be discussed with you as we plan your trip together.