options on land

Are you looking for a vacation on land? 

How about options like individual or group tours, rail vacations, and all-inclusive resorts?


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Don’t let another year slip by without traveling to one (or more) of the beautiful countries of Africa.

Great food and culture in South Africa.

The amazing Victoria Falls.

Many safari options available.

Planning well in advance for your African adventure is highly recommended.


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Escorted Tours- Large and small groups

independent Tours

Walking Tours

Bicycling Tours

All-Inclusive Resorts

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Dreaming about a beach vacation where you can enjoy the sun and sand all day?

An all-inclusive resort may be right for you.

Resorts are also available which are not all-inclusive. 

Let’s find what’s right for you! 

Individual Vacations

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Where do you want to go? 

Seemingly unlimited options. 

Choose one and let’s get started!

Rail Travel

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You can take a vacation by rail. 

See the National Parks or other areas of the country while relaxing on the train.